Al Haramain Konzentriertes Parfümöl Jannah - Parfüm ohne Alkohol

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Parfümöl Jannah von Al Haramain - Unisex, grün, herb, frisch, würzig; Parfüm ohne Alkohol...Detaillierte Produktinformation

Parfümöl Jannah von Al Haramain

Parfümöl Jannah von Al Haramain ist ein mittelherbes, grünes Fougere Parfüm. Herber Moschus als Hauptlinie mit Akzenten von Minze, Wermut, Heu, Hölzern und Amber.
Ein angenehmes Parfüm von edler Herbheit.
Duftrichtung: grün, herb, frisch, würzig

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Minze, Wermut, Heu, Hölzer, Moschus, Amber Minze, Wermut, Heu, Hölzer, Moschus, Amber Minze, Wermut, Heu, Hölzer, Moschus, Amber

• Empfehlung: Für Damen und Herren
• Hochwertiges, konzentriertes Parfümöl ohne Alkohol 
• Inhalt: 12ml
• Hersteller: Al Haramain

  • Hersteller Al HaramainAl Haramain ist ein bekannter Hersteller mit Basis in den Emiraten und produziert hochwertiges Parfüme, Parfümöle ohne Alkohol, Bakhour, Räucherstäbchen in exzellenter Qualität.


Veröffentlicht am 21 Dezember 2017 at 13:18

This was my first experience with an oriental perfume and I must say that it was pretty good! First of all: this is not a perfume that will your colleagues adore at an office party. This is a smell that has to be used very carefully: minimalistic applications (one drop behind your ear, smashed down to the neck will suffice), only on very special events. It is unisex alright, to me it´s men:women 65:35, but I have read the very oposit opinions as well. It reminds me the a smell of my grandfather (no, it is not an "old" smell) that lives in the country, but with more floral tones.

The perfume itself smells spicy-green, gently woody, slightly smoky. Addictive, uplifting, makes me feel happier even in a very bad mood (and only a few things can do that). It feels like a warm summer day, laying on the haystacks, drying on the sun: grass, mint, wormwood, wood, a touch of a smoke from the distance, honey, wildflowers (in this order, from the most intense to the lightest). Like a young village herbalist girl, that you think is lovely, but creeps you a bit everytime your eyes meet, like she could become a proper witch one day. On me it smells masculine, but the flacon and the box are both smelling flowery feminine and that´s the direction it is blooming in time. It is not sweet, just a little sweetish. Was it not for the flowers I smell, I could say it would be perfect scent for a mans shower gel. BUT. :) I adore this perfume and I can wear it everyday but I would love it on my boyfriend too, laying next to each other on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

0.8 out of 5
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